Photo of Jackson Kienitz

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I’m an actor and writer. Mhm. Now a step-ball-change and a tra-la-la. Then a modest curtsy.

Some of the questions that guide my work: where do tragedy and comedy meet? 1 where do they stray? how can sloppy communication amount to something that’s like sort of kinda actually precise? 2 which knob controls love? 3 how much should stories leave to interpretation? 4 how should we choose what to care about? 5 what’s a healthy amount of delusion? 6 why are we crying? why do they think that? why not? 7

I spent the last year-and-a-half earning an M.F.A. in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Before that, I graduated Magna cum Laude from Columbia University, with a B.A. in Drama and Creative Writing. I'm returning to The States to continue my career in original work for theatre and film.