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WHEN WE'RE BACK. Short Film. 18min.

Holly and Louise, longtime friends from university, rediscover their friendship while on holiday with their respective partners, Jake and Logan. Bad banter and miscommunication quickly cloud this quiet reunion.

Created in ensemble by George Airey, Lucy Doig, Jackson Kienitz, and Ariela Nazar-Rosen, at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2023.

THE SPEECH WRITER. Solo-Performance. 22min.

A portrait of a political aide, who, assuming different alter-egos, writes speeches for multiple public figures.

Written, Directed, and Performed by Jackson Kienitz.

Developed & filmed during Spring 2021, as part of my senior thesis in solo-performance, within the theatre department of Columbia University.

VINO DOLCE. Dance. 3min.
Performances by The Kienitz's.
Created by Jackson Kienitz (one of the Kienitz's).
Music by Esquivel!

Jeremiah-Open-Mic-7-17-20.mp4. Parody. 3min.

This video is about Jeremiah Open Mic 7 17 20.

Streamer RIPS into Barbie over BROKEN game!. Parody. 3min.

   ive had enough of this fcking game... fix it matttel inc. LISTEN to your fanbase and FIX IT

   Edited with Barbie Video Mixer.